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Millennials Account For More Than 3.3 Trillion Dollars In Spending Power

Are You Struggling To Cash In?

Learn How You Can
Devise A Millennial Messaging Strategy In Under An Hour

Desiree Reed, Owner of 5 Seconds to Impress

One thing about millennials…
We’re not time wasters. So, I won’t fill this page with pointless words and a salesy pitch.

Here’s the deal.

Businesses, marketers, and practically the entire world is scrambling to communicate with millennials.
The fact that you’re here tells me you’re probably at a lost too.

Lucky for you. You’re in good hands.

As a millennial messaging consultant, I teach organizations how to connect with this causaholic generation of mine.

Here’s Some Free Advice

Get To The Point

Fluff doesn’t fly with us. Make your content snappy and relevant.

Aggression Turns Us Off

Millennials are immune to pushy salesmen tactics. You can’t twist our arms or urge us into a sale.
But we do have psychological triggers. And I can teach you how to tap into them.

So, if you want to learn where we hang out and how to talk to us…

My Millennial Messaging Session Is A Great Way To Get Started

During this 45-minute session you’ll learn how to:

  • Speak the millennial language (Yes, you need a decoder to reach us).
  • Lose the pushy salesman tactics
  • Understand the psychology behind our buying behavior
  • Leverage cause marketing to impact the world and boost your bottom line
  • Tap into the one outlet that influences 60% of millennials
  • Pique our curiosity and quickly connect the dots
  • Craft mobile conscious copy

If you want to discover how to connect with millennials…

Book your Millennial Messaging Session now.

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